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Licorice root powder 500g

Licorice root powder 500g Image

Liquorice is beneficial in optimising respiratory health, aiding clear and healthy airways in horses. This soothing herb also supports gastric health, settling the stomach.

It contains Glycrrhizinic acid, a beneficial compound that is soothing on the stomach and very useful where gastric complaints are suspected.

Medicinal use of licorice dates back to Ancient Egypt, where the root was made into a sweet drink for pharaohs, plus it has also been used in traditional Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Greek medicines to soothe an upset stomach, reduce inflammation, and treat upper respiratory problem.

The chemicals contained in licorice are thought to decrease swelling, thin mucus secretions, decrease cough, assist in healing ulcers, soothe sore throats. Topical gels are claimed to treat skin conditions like acne or eczema.

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