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Psyllium Husks 1 kg

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Psyllium husks are a form of fibre that comes from the husks of psyllium seeds of the Asian Plantago plant. The husks can be ground into a powder and provide a rich source of soluble fibre.
Adding psyllium husk to the diet has been shown to control spikes in blood sugar following a meal by reducing the rate of carbohydrate absorption.

Psyllium has also been shown to have benefits to the heart, pancreas and immunity.

Psyllium is a prebiotic — as such will enhance bowel probiotic health. A healthy colony of good bacteria in the digestive system is essential for healthy immune function. This enhances the ability to fight infection, reduce inflammation, maintain healthy tissue and cells.

Fermentation of psyllium in the colon increases the production of butyrate, the major source of energy for the intestinal lining cells. This can help heal inflammatory bowel disease or other lesions in the colon. Because of these effects, psyllium is often a useful addition to the diet for horses with chronic diarrhea.

In horses, psyllium is primarily used to assist in the removal of sand collections from the intestinal tract. Two formal studies have now found there is substantially more sand passed in psyllium-treated horses compared to no treatment or mineral oil alone.

Psyllium can also be useful for horses prone to choke. Psyllium mixed with water and added to meals has a lubricating effect.

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