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Stretch Exercises For Your Horse

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A professional human athlete would never expect to perform at full potential without a proper stretching warm–up, yet riders ask this of their horses all the time. In Stretch Exercises for Your Horse, occupational therapist and equestrian trainer Karin Blignault illustrates how the controlled stretching of muscles long used to enhance human athletic performance can also be applied to the horse to prevent injury, alleviate pain, and improve performance. The individual exercises are explained in detail, with clear instructions providing the basic anatomy and physiology of the muscles, which exercises benefit which muscles, and the fundamental principles of performing both passive stretches from the ground and active stretching exercises from the saddle. All the exercises are designed to ensure that they are carried out in the most beneficial manner, with no risk or injury to horse or human. Karen Blignault lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Her previous book was Successful Schooling—Train Your Horse with Empathy.

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